What our Customers say.

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Hi Greg, I received the chair yesterday, after just a few days. 20 minutes later, I was sweetly swinging on my new toy and relaxing my back ! It makes such a difference. I’m recommending it to all of my friends now !

"Hi Greg,
Thanks for the chair. I thought you'd be interested in my feedback. I've now been using it for a couple of weeks and am delighted with it! The construction and upholstery exceeded my expectations. One has to wary of all the claims that are made for products on the internet - the real Kneelsit is better than the description! I had given up on the traditional Balans-style chair for the all the reasons you identified. Your chair is terrific and gives me a great sense of well-being when using it.
Wishing you all the best,"

Fiacre Baker,
Adelaide, Australia

"Thank you for your time today when I took the liberty of calling out of the blue. Sitting in this chair greatly alleviates the pain of my recently slipped disk. It also makes it MUCH easier to sit with good posture while working at my computer for hours on end. The chair arrived within a week after I ordered it, and it made it through customs (in Japan) without any problem or delays. There were no additional postage or handling fees for the Japan domestic portion of the shipping (which sometimes happens). And the chair was easy to unpack and assemble. I can't imagine a better chair for desk work.!"

David Shinozuka,
Jpn.  Eng Legal & Technical Translator
Tokyo, Japan

Dear Mr. Usher
I received my Kneelsit chair in September, and am quite pleased with it: it has almost totally eliminated the back pain I used to experience after using a conventional chair at my computer.
Your website, packaging, and instruction manual were all very well done, in my opinion. (I really liked the taped-in page with "Loosen Knobs to lift out the seat first"--most shippers just let the purchaser figure out how to pry the thing out of its box.)
I do have a suggestion for improvement, however, listed below.
Instructions for Assembly
The "Fitting the Casters" page advises the purchaser to "strike the [caster] body firmly with the base of your palm" to click it into place. This may work for you robust, sunburned Australians, who spend a day at the beach wrestling white sharks before coming home to snap Kneelsit casters into place with one blow of your brawny, calloused fists, but up here in effete, fog-shrouded Northern California, an attempt to follow these instructions results in yelp of pain, a caster under the couch, a slowly darkening bruise, and a chilled glass of Chardonnay to forget the whole hideous experience.
I'd suggest that the instructions direct the purchaser to execute a light tap with a hammer or mallet--or maybe just a heavy book--to get the casters seated.
J. Barnes
Oakland CA.

Note these comments have been "taken on board and an amended page inserted.

I learned of your website because a co-worker of mine ordered a chair from you more than a year ago. I use a computer all day long, and have been having back problems for 10+ years. Last summer, my co-worker went on a 2-month long vacation and I used his chair while he was away. My back problems were relieved!!

I asked my employer to purchase the chair for me, which began a long period (until now) of their hiring ergonomists to recommend a variety of equipment for my use. I showed them your chair, but none would recommend it in their written reports, so my employer would not purchase the chair for me. My back problems returned!!

So, today, I have given up on my employer - and purchased the chair for myself. An investment in my health!! I look forward to receiving my Equipoise Chair. Now there will be two of us here in this office of about 100 persons who have this great chair!

Everett WA.

My love affair with my Kneelsit continues. I am certain that the chair has been a major contributor to the relief I have felt from my lower back pain -- and since I have had so much relief I have been exercising more and making my back even stronger. You are a genius! Thank-you, thank-you.


Hi!   Just thought I'd provide some feedback on the purchased chair. I use it at work. While I still am struggling with the back pain, I believe the chair does a great job to keep me in the most comfortable and less pressure position for those long days behind the desk. It's been about two months in use and I am happy with the purchase. As I do quite a bit of computer work at home, I'm considering a personal purchase as well.! thanks again.

Karen Melis
Butler, Pa.

I have used my kneelsit chair since about 2000. I had severe back pain but was not in a position to stop work for six months and rest as suggested by my doctor and osteopath. I knew that I would not be able to sit all day at a computer in the office chair at my work place so invested in a Kneelsit chair. Using the chair immediately gave some relief and along with treatments the strong pain eased quickly. I still need to be “mindful” of my back condition and use the chair daily. It has been a worthwhile investment for me.

Sydney, Australia

"After using the kneelsit, my constant back pain is a thing of the past and I find it hard to use 'normal' chairs anymore."

Clint Ballard C.E.O.
Acceleration Software

"The kneel-sit has got to be one of the best things I have purchased. I have a lower back problem that gets aggravated when I sit too long, but with this chair I don't have that problem. Initially, my 15 year old son did not want to use it saying it felt odd, but now  he uses it all the time when he is on the computer. I recommend the chair highly for anyone sitting long periods of time. Thank you."

Elaine Uemurae

- - - a request from a lady living in Florida asking if there were any customers of mine in Fla. with whom she might correspond.

Yes, certainly. I use the Kneelsit everyday--It definitely solved all of my back and leg problems. I am a very satisfied customer and will be happy to give this woman a glowing recommendation. Please share my email address with her.

All the best,
Janis R.

I just assembled the chair and it is very comfortable, just what I expected. I will order another for my office just as soon as I figure out how to get my computer moved from behind me to my desk.

Robert Nesbit
Lake Bluff, Il.

  Newsgroups: alt.med.fibromyalgia (re-printed with Julia's permission)
Subject: Re: ergonomic devices (was ideal typing posture)

" I used to suffer severe pain in my bottom and tailbone. I did some research and found the Kneelsit chair. www.kneelsit.com It has a place for your knees that helps to take all pain out of sitting on your bottom. It has given me back my time at the computer. Now I can sit for hours and not hurt. Even though it costs a lot, many insurance companies will pay part of the cost. But, to me, it is worth every penny."

Julia Shaw
Boiling Springs SC.

" Many thanks for your prompt assistance.
The chair is really comfortable and supportive. For many years I experienced problems with all kinds of chairs, but Kneelsit chair is entirely different. It gives me marvellous support in my lower back and encourages me to sit up comfortably with a straight back.
I highly recommend it to anyone who values good support and comfort for their back.
Kind regards,"
Diana Huang

" - i injured my back flying military jets and have trouble sitting for long periods of time due to sciatica and disc/muscle pain....the kneel-sit takes the weight off my tailbone and shifts the bulk of my sitting pressure to my shins and lower rear.....it also enables me to sit up straight and maintain posture because of the adjustable back support .... i swear by it. Feel free to use my name and email address."

Richard Farber.
Miami, Florida.

"I have been using and prescribing the Kneelsit chair for 12 months and have found it of great benefit in preventing and reducing the incidence of lower back pain and neck pain in my patients."

Tony Kirk. Physiotherapist
Nowra Community Hospital
Osborne St. Nowra N.S.W. 2541

"Hi Greg.
Just to let you know how i've been getting on with the kneel-sit chair over the last few months (i think that i bought it from you about 3 months ago). Anyway, it took me quite a while to find the settings that worked for me. But it was worth the wait. The most noticeable effect is that at the end of the day my body actually feels good (sitting in front of the computer). Combining this with regular yoga and some somatics, and my body has never felt so balanced!"

Mark Robey.

I have been using the Kneelsit for the past 10 years and, as a computer artist, I spend a lot of my time sitting and find the chair to be very comfortable. I find that when sitting in conventional chairs my natural tendency is to correct my posture automatically, and I put this down to the effect of sitting for long periods in the kneel-sit. "Well done Greg..."

Thomas,  Web Designer

"..experienced severe pain when sitting in ordinary chairs.... can sit now at needlework for hours and concentrate without discomfort."

Patricia, Craft Enthusiast.
"Amisfield" Canowindra N.S.W.

"I am very satisfied with the chair and am able to work long hours at a computer without slouching, which in the past has led to more back pain as well as shortness of breath. In the past, many of the office chairs I have used seemed to promote poor posture, which in my case leads to a slumped sitting position, which in turn reduces or limits my breathing. I also have periodic bouts of asthma, probably caused by allergic reactions.
What I really like about the chair:
1. it distributes my weight between shin, seat and back.
2. It continues to allow movement, the 'rocking' motion, which I initiate occasionally during a pause in deskwork or just to take a momentary break from a fixed position.
3. As I move the seatback stays with my back, providing a sense of security and support.
I receive many comments from student, staff and other faculty members. Several have sat in it to try it out. The cleaning lady even admitted to trying it at night."

J. Ormsby

"Hi Greg.....Glen McGrath in Sydney here.  I have had the kneel-sit for about 6 weeks now and am happy to report amazing results with my posture, flexibility and total absence of major lower back pain which had been with me for a good many years. The first few days required a lot of will power and perseverence as my body's years of incorrect posture programming kicked in to resist the change being imposed on it but after that it was plain sailing all the way! I also use the kneel-sit for my daily meditation and find it relaxes me much quicker and easier than my previous seating arrangement. Thanks again for your great design mate, it's worth every cent of the asking price, and then some.   Please feel free to use my comments at your own discretion.  Kind Regards...."

Glen McGrath

"Hi Greg! Thank you for inquiring about the chair. I love it and had the setting I needed within 5 minutes. Great product!! Thanks again."

Ralph Kellogg
Wildomar, California

"Did I mention
I LOVE THE CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
My back thanks you, my head thanks you, my butt thanks you, my brain thanks you, my neck thanks you, my shoulders thank you, my emotions thank you, my knees thank you, my ovaries thank you, my entire body thanks you and I thank you,
Love and kisses for being so brilliant!!!!"
RoxAnn - The "posture perfect" girl
Dallas TX

"I weigh over 300 lbs. and suffer from spondylitis, I bought one of the early models of the chair about 8 years ago, then after using it for a couple of weeks I bought several more chairs for my staff. Recently, under extreme pressure, I worked 104 hours in 7 days at the computer, though exhausted at the end I experienced no backache"
Ken,  Desktop Publisher

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my delight with the Kneelsit. I have 3 bad discs in my lower back and had found sitting in ordinary chairs for any length of time quite painful. But with your chair I can sit for hours extremely comfortable. Getting in and out of chairs was another big problem for me as I am only 5' tall, but the way your chair is designed I have no problem. Other chairs I had worked at had the bar across between the knee rest and seat that you had to step over, but I can just walk into the Kneelsit. I tried about 15 different chairs at the Independent Living Centre and while yours was expensive, once I sat in it - I had to have it. It's been worth it's weight in gold"
Eileen Moroney.
Moe Vic. 3824

"Hi Greg, thanks, the chair arrived yesterday and as the song goes "I'm lovin'it"! I've had a static knee chair for a couple of years and it isn't a patch on yours. Also converted my partner so he'll be a happy bunny when the 2nd chair arrives. I'm hoping Macdonalds will eventually pay for these when they settle the claim for their lorry crashing into me and if not there is no price on comfortable, relaxed sitting, so thanks for all your work.

Bradford U.K.

" Hi Greg,
It has been almost four years since I purchased the Kneelsit.
I just wanted to tell you that after two and one-half years of yoga, I finally can now sit in my kneelsit for long periods of time. My lumbar spine is slowly becoming flexible again.
Several years ago, when we last communicated, I said I was not going to feel bad about purchasing the kneel-sit (which for me was very expensive relative to income) because I was some day going to use it--its principles were good ones I wanted to incorporate into my life.
So, I still have much work to do ( among other back troubles, getting a completely stiff lumbar spine supple again, for an older person like me, is a LOT of work), but, just in case I live another 20 years, I am going to keep doing the work.
I am just celebrating my progress so far. Hope all is well with you.
Best wishes,

Sandra Weidner