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RSI, CTD & Related conditions

HEALTH PRODUCTS   top of page, ergonomic chair resources

Adjustable Beds Perfect for elderly people, or those with health problems. Choose from a large collection of high-quality and affordable beds delivered quickly to your doorstep.
Canadian Pharmacy Trust #1 Online Pharmacy serving USA residents at discount prices.
All popular medications available in one online store Mix Pills - online pharmacy selling weight loss, beauty and health drugs, like phentermine, adipex, didrex, bontril, viagra. Fast shipping, low prices, wide choice.
Green Barley and Wheat Grass Australia Green barley and wheatgrass Australian and New Zealand superstore.
Health & Beauty Guide Health and beauty issues with beauty products, health products, and care guide, leisure guide with leisure facilities etc.
Healthplus Backpain Relief Mattress - Healthier Lifestyle For Life!
Healio Natural Health - the global leader in alternative health solutions including complementary, holistic, and natural health products.
Just Magnotherapy supplier of magnetic therapy jewellery and magnotherapy
Online Canadian Prescription Drugs Save upto 85%. Buy prescription drugs online through, Canadian online pharmacy website.
Umugisha - for a complete range of water filters, air filters.
Wasatch Health - Featuring Transfer Factor for Your Immune System...

HELPING OTHERS   top of page, ergonomic chair resources

The Hunger Site ...
Just Click on and you can help feed the hungry ...
Red Cross Red Crescent...
Refugee Council - Australia Fighting against the harsh and inhumane cruelty of Federal Government policies towards refugees of all kinds
How to Overcome Bullying. Provides information and resources to help you overcome school and workplace bullying, mobbing and harassment. Speak Out Now! A unique, innovative and affordable way of dealing with abuse.
Teens Helping Teens ... ...

HERBAL   top of page, ergonomic chair resources

Ayurveda Ayurvedic Alternative Herbal Medicine, Supplements,
Emperor's Herbologist Natural Products...
Chinese Herbs Best prices for Seven Forest. Pine Mountain, White Tiger, Sun Ten
Essiac Tea for that natural energy boost
Olive Leaf Extract - All Natural, Non-Toxic, Herbal, Health Food Supplements.

HOLISTIC HEALTH    top of page, ergonomic chair resources

Newstart Health Care Continuing the 100 year tradition of Adventist Health Care - Conventional and Natural . You are in charge of your health!
E.D. drug free & once learnt & practised is free for life High quality love making, mind power, the food we eat, what we do with our body, daily, is what we get daily, it helps your overall health and confidence, in many ways and more!

Meditation 'Good For Brain
[*World Entertainment News Network]

Scientists say they have found evidence that meditation has a biological effect on the body. A small-scale study suggests it could boost parts of the brain and the immune system. Meditation has been practised since ancient times, mainly in the East. It is now catching on worldwide as a means to reduce stress or to help with pain caused by various illnesses.

Researchers enrolled 41 people in a trial of so-called "mindfulness" meditation. It is a technique for helping hospital patients deal with pain and discomfort. Twenty five of the subjects attended a weekly class and one seven-hour retreat during the study; they were also given exercises to carry out at home. The others did not receive meditation training and acted as a control group.

After eight weeks, the researchers measured electrical activity in the frontal part of the brain. They say this region was more active on the left side in the individuals who meditated and was associated with lower anxiety and a more positive emotional state. Dr Richard Davidson says, "Although our study is preliminary and more research clearly is warranted we are very encouraged by these results."

Meditate Now MiniCourse  In order to have a meditation practice, you must practice meditation. This MiniCourse & Ezine helps you to establish meditation as a regular part of your life with encouraging messages.
Kneelsit - The ideal Meditation chair
Kneelsit gives superb comfort and true dynamic balance so that you more easily and quickly reach your desired meditative state.

MIND AND BODY HEALTH   top of page, ergonomic chair resources

All about auras :-in meditation, spiritual healing, psychic readings, and spiritual retreats. Aura colors meaning, and how to meditate, to dream meanings, and cleansing & healing the chakras.
An alternative health approach - Body, Mind & SoulHealer.
Catherine Adams, Counselor, Healer and Teacher
"Goodbye Depression"  Recent release, Dalia Eliav tells how she beat depression and how you can do it too.
Feel Healthy Again Our health is very important. Depression, Stress, Weight, Exercise, Healthy Eating and Diets affect our health. Find out how they can help us to feel healthy again.
Gururaj Ananda Yogi Portal This site will connect you with the teachings of Gururaj Ananda Yogi and with many other True Teachings and Teachers from all times and places. Gururaj taught the Path of Unfoldment and Individually designed Meditation Techniques and Spiritual Practices
Hypnosis and Health A wide variety of hypnosis scripts for inductions, therapy and self development
Livewise - The Truth About Life, The Universe And Everything Revolutionise your perception of life, and learn the success secrets that will change your entire life
Personal Development - Tools for Transformation. A personal growth manual for Transforming the Mind
Premature ejaculation, erection and penis problems, Discover how to cure your penis problems by using your own body and mind.
Radiant Spirit   Reiki training - for positive life changes
Reduce Stress - Enhanced Healing is committed to providing our visitors the finest quality in relaxation music & relaxation videos, holistic vitamins and aromatherapy products.
Relieving Stress
Robin Truitt Psychotherapy for Individuals, Groups and Couples in Washington DC

NATURAL PRODUCTS   top of page, ergonomic chair resources

AROMA THYME Aromatherapy and Essential Oils - relieve stress & tension and promote relaxation.
CELTIC ATTIC Aromatherapy - helps relax the body and relieve stress..
Amazing Green Tea - An Insider's Guide from one who has worked closely with the best tea gardens in China.

PAIN RELIEF & SUPPORT   top of page, ergonomic chair resources

So Cal Pain Center So Cal Pain Management Centers specializes in treating difficult back conditions using pain psychology and minimally invasive techniques.
#1 Back Pain site Instant Info about Conditions, Therapies, Exercises, and Doctors who Treat Back Pain
American Academy of Pain Management...
Arthritis Relief Guide An informative site regarding various arthritis relief techniques. Get complete information on various types of arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc., and their treatment techniques.
Backache Relief Information and advice about the causes, prevention and pain relief techniques for all forms of back pain.
Back Pain Remedies   Online back pain remedies guide.
Corn Bags are simple to use.  Just place in your microwave for 1 to 3 minutes and get ready for soothing 120 degree heat. This handcrafted product is the best for all kinds of aches, and pains. No cords needed.
Cure for back pain & back pain treatments, Written by a back pain sufferer.
Ed's Chronic Pain Site and Support Groups...Site covers: Chronic Pain, Management using Morphine,Methadone etc.,Help with Social Security, + Support groups.
Feel-Better-Simply Are you ready to Feel Better Simply? "I've dedicated my life to helping others find quick and simple solutions for feeling better. In learning how to take care of myself, I've been able to help others ">
Jamestown Therapeutic Massage Using Myfascial Release, Robert Smith of Jamestown Therapeutic Massage, can bring relief from the pain of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, sciatica and more..
Laser Therapy Health solutions.
Lower Back Pain Answers... Innovative Solutions to Relieve Lower Back Pain Offers groundbreaking insight and innovative solutions for lower back pain relief. Strives to fill the colossal gap left by conventional medical approaches. Strategies, non-surgical treatment options, lower back stretches, causes of back pain.
LOWER BACK PAIN, a very costly malady readily managed with exercise and chiro Lower back pain, the most common complaint heard in t Magnetic Bracelets Company U.K.
My Lower Back Pain What I've done to treat my bad back and how successful it was.
Pain Relief Expert Read articles and find information about Pain Relief at Fact
Relief from Tension Headaches
Thermoflow Products - Natural Far Infrared healing uses ceramic impregnated material for effective pain relief,

PHYSICAL THERAPY & MASSAGE    top of page, ergonomic chair resources

AROM.COM - the web address for physical therapy...
North Wales Sports Physiotherapy Clinic.  your online guide to Washington DC's most complete massage therapy service.
Massage Northern Virginia Massage in Tyson's Corner, Virginia.
Sally Ann Quirke Chartered Physiotherapist of Cork, Ireland.
Spinal Decompression Texas - Southwest Spine Center located in Carrollton Texas specializes in Chiropractic Care, spinal decompression, acupuncture, laser therapy, massage therapy and more. Information site on massage.

REHABILITATION INFO & SUPPORT   top of page, ergonomic chair resources

Adaptive Clothing for the Elderly and Incontinent A complete line of stylish, adaptive clothing and comfort wear for the elderly and incontinent. Curteous, honest service, since 1951.
Clothing Solutions - Adaptive Clothing for seniors.  Clothing with Extra Comfort for senior care dressing challenges in nursing home and home care enviroments
Independent Living Aids  Low vision aids, products for the visually impaired -
Lawrence Independent Living Serving people with disabilities since 1978
Special Needs Family Friendly Fun - enhancing the quality and fun of family life for those with special needs.
Vivax Medical Corporation Online... Vivax develops, manufactures and markets specialty medical beds, transfer systems and assistive technology devices for use in rehabilitation
Welcome to PrePak Products - fitness, rehab, exercise. PrePak offers the rehabilitation and fitness professional fast & easy access to quality home exercise devices

RSI ,CTD & Related conditions   top of page, ergonomic chair resources - Your Source for Bursitis information and Treatment Options At it is our goal to give readers an accurate source to research information that we believe will help educate them on Bursitis and treatment options.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Facts....
All the facts and fiction about carpal tunnel syndrome. Site includes carpal tunnel syndrome exercise animations and a carpal tunnel syndrome Q. & A.. - Scoliosis - Explores the role of diet and exercise therapy for treatment of spinal curvature. Tendonitis/Tendinitis information and treatment options.
Typing Injury FAQ Home Page..
Articles, General Information, Ergonomics Organizations, Services, Resellers, Archive Furniture, Alternative Keyboards, Speech Recognition, Pointing Devices, Accessories & Other Products,

SELF HELP top of page, ergonomic chair resources

Free and natural remedies for stress management - Discover some of the most powerful natural remedies for reducing stress and improve your life.
Living With Spinal Stenosis A personal story of treatment options for pain relief that worked for me.
Premature Ejaculation, Erection & Penis problems "Discover how to cure your penis problems by using your own body and mind."
Self-help alternatives4healing
Self Improvement from - is the most complete guide to information about Self Improvement on the Internet.
The Happy Guy - Finding true happiness and self-actualization starts with our tips to help you find happiness from within. We will help you on your quest for personal growth.

TAICHI & TAE KWON DO    top of page, ergonomic chair resources
Cloud Water.Com - Resources for Mastery in Health, Fitness & Stress Relief,..
Dong Family International Tai Chi Chuan Association...
Tai Chi Productions: Instructional videos by Dr. Paul Lam..


VITAMINS-SUPPLEMENTS    top of page, ergonomic chair resources

All About Nutritional Supplements: ...
Liquid Vitamin Supplements Store - Discount Liquid Nutritional Vitamins and Minerals - Offers natural, environment-friendly liquid vitamins and minerals with 234 nutrients at a deep discount price to enhance your healthy lifestyle.
NutraSanus - Natural Health Nutrition and Supplements NutraSanus is the Internet #1 natural health and nutrition guide offering information on natural herbs, vitamins, supplements and remedies for common and not so common health concerns and ailments. Live a healthier happier life.
Pharmaceutical grade nutrition supplements for arthritis, weight loss,
PillFreeVitamins  Offer liquid vitamins and nutritional supplements formulated to optimize overall health.
Pure Health and Vitality  Health resources on the internet, alternative medicine, holistic health and the highest quality liquid wholefood vitamin and nutrition supplements.
Vitamins & Nutrition Center.Useful articles on vitamins and nutrition, profiles and information on the latest research breakthroughs.
Vitamins To Health  Resources on fitness, health, beauty and weight loss.
VitaRama ...Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements ..
Xango juice HGH weight loss Hydroderm Better than Botox Strivectin cheaper health insurance. Order Hydroderm Botox HGH - Human Growth Hormone, Xango, Strivectin for weightloss and get cheaper health insurance rates.

WOMENS HEALTH   top of page, ergonomic chair resources

Dermology stretch mark prevention cream. Do you worry of your stretch marks? Donít worry. Dermology stretch mark cream help to get rid of this problem in a safe, natural and effective way and make skin more smooth and elastic.
Baby Slings and Infant Carriers Babywearing Moby-wraps_ Premium baby slings and carriers for a comfortable baby and a comfortable nursing mother.
Baby Place: Pregnancy, Birth and Babies...
Baby Slings and Infant Carriers Babywearing Moby-wraps_ Premium baby slings and carriers for a comfortable baby and a comfortable nursing mother.
*Birth Connections - Pregnancy, Natural Childbirth and Breastfeeding Resources.. Connecting you to the Washington Area's Birth Community! Some great Info.!
Botox & Spataderen (Rimpel Spatader Behandeling) Plastic surgery clinic providing Botox, spataderen, spatader behandeling, rimpel behandeling ( Medisch Centrum Scheveningen )
Doctors guide to breast implants - a resource for women who take their breasts seriously
Femina..Health and Wellness Arts and Humanities visual arts, history, literature.
* A site devoted to natural birth methods..
Hot Flashes Control and Relief Information on Hot Flashes Control and Relief
Largest database of boys & girls baby names Babynology - Male and female baby names/name with meaning and Baby Resources related online shopping, Baby Photo Contest, Baby Diet & Receipe, Baby Sign, Baby Health, pregnancy and more !

YOGA ;  top of page, 
		 ergonomic chair resources

Abbotsford Yoga Studio Relieve stress and pain. Align your body with your mind at an inviting and nourishing studio teaching Iyengar Yoga.
BKS Iyengar Yoga School of San Francisco...Our tried and true, therapeutic back injury recovery programs are the most recommended by Bay Area physicians
KUNDALINI YOGA - Our FREE on-line Kundalini Yoga course will help you realize your true potential!
Eternity-Yoga - The compelling truth for mind, body and soul.
Yoga for fitness & health Yoga helps us to remain fit and healthy. This site provides information on yoga therapy, how it can help us to increase our fitness level.
Yoga Movement - an Index to top Yoga sites, Information & helpful Resources.
Yoga Technology ...
Yoga Retreat & Vacation The source for Bali Yoga retreat & yoga vacation, health, spas, meditation, holistic therapies, Email:- ika AT


  top of page, ergonomic chair resources

Free Software Foundation "Since 1983, developing the free Unix-like operating system GNU, so that computer users can have the freedom to share and improve the software they use."
ItemTracker - Complete Visual Sample Tracking Software Complete sample tracking and visual inventory management software solution which manages all your samples, sources and storage areas whether in storage, the laboratory or elsewhere. The Easy Way to Find Link Swap Partners that are suited to your theme and site. - Find what people search for. NicheBOT offers free keyword research services, innovative web site software, search engine ranking tools, and more.
Webmasters and Potential webmasters<   It is well worth your while checking out the most revolutionary website building tool on the internet today. (Only wish these were around when I started back in 96! - would have saved myself thousands of dollars and years of time.) Check out "Site Buildit" today.
Searchengine Strategies
Web Directory of Resources, including Consumer Information, Free Submissions are Welcome

OTHER SITES OF INTEREST    top of page, ergonomic chair resources

As Above
Free Web Directory softensve Worthwhile Up & Coming Directory
Haabaa Free Website Directory Human edited search engine friendly web directory, add your site free!
Office Space Long Island, Office Lease Furnished Executive Office Space in Long Island for the Small Business or Executive Office at Great Prices.
Super Directory A useful Directory.
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