I hope this collection of links may prove helpful to people who are concerned about the health aspects of computer use. The sub-sections headed "Health and Safety", and "RSI and CTD" are particularly relevant to this topic.

In addition, we have listed a selection of various techniques and products which may prove helpful in maintaining health and/or relieving pain. Since many of our customers have come to us through the rehabilitation area and because of our own fascination with the use of computers to assist people with disabilities, we have also included links to these topics:

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RSI, CTD & Relatedconditions


This therapy was invented by an Australian who has now become famous around the world by teaching the correct use of the body in all our daily activities. As its basic premise consists of teaching clients to become aware of their own proprioceptive sense, I feel it has direct relevance for computer users and complements well the use of the Kneelsit ergonomic chair which also develops proprioception.

Alexander Technique ... The Complete Guide. A comprehensive guide to Alexander technique info. and resources
Direction ...A Journal on the Alexander Technique - Posture, Movement and Ergonomics,. Posture, movement and the crucial ingredient often neglected in the science of ergonomics today
Fitness Guide....
S.T.A.T. ...The Society of Teachers of Alexander Technique.


The sites listed below contain a variety of information on an approach to health which has variously been labelled "Alternative", "Complementary", or "Holistic". While often looked at askance by practicioners of conventional or orthodox medicine I believe they deserve consideration as "possible" approaches to health which could prove of some value. After all one of their most famous devotees was the Queen mother who lived to celebrate her 101st birthday.

Alternative Health database of natural healing...
Alternative Medicine Directory...
Alternative Health, Natural solutions from Outside the Box An interactive and ongoing alternative health search for uncommon answers to common health issues. Information gathered from many sources is offered up in an engaging, reader- friendly style.">
Natural Health Nutrition Supplement Information - offering detailed information on natural health, nutrition, herbal and vitamin supplements.
Natural Health Registry - health food, herbs, vitamins, therapy , books, "The comprehensive network of qualified Natural Health professionals, products and services dedicated to better serve the global community in their quest for a healthy lifestyle
The Clapham Common Clinic..a friendly and caring clinic which offers you a wide range of available natural health care.
WholeNurse: Alternative and Holistic Health...


Back Pain - Relief is at your fingertips as the BackPain-Guru walks you through safe, medically sound back pain exercises for spine pain.
Enhanced Healing through Music  Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self-esteem.
Hypnosis Discover The Healing Power Of The Mind - Self Help
Hypnotherapy in Sussex - Professional Registered Hypnotherapist Sussex to help you stop smoking, lose weight, control personal fears and habits. Hypnosis for children.
Personal Online Colour Analysis By Scarlet Pixel.
Zero Balancing By Dr. Fritz Smith: Energy Medicine, Massage


Arthritis & Glucosamine Information Center  - the latest research on glucosamine, details on medications and treatments, and tips for effectively managing your joint pain.
Arthritis Insight... Created by and for people with arthritis. We offer chats, message boards, information, news, tips for daily living & more... Joint pain's something no-one should suffer. Fortunately information can help and empower you.. Explore the Glucosamine and Arthritis Center for the latest info. on glucosamine, arthritis and joint pain. Read hundreds of articles, "plain english" clinical trial summaries, message board posts and more.
Glucosamine chondroitin for arthritis - Pain-relief-
Rheumatoid Arthritis & Arthritis PainTreatment- Reach your wellness goals with featuring exclusive rheumatoid arthritis products for arthritis pain and arthritis treatments at great prices.
100% secure online ordering.


Assistive technology has always been a particular interest of mine, having had a son with a special disability. I greatly admire those technical people in the field of computer engineering and software who have devoted their time and energy to helping these very special people to live more independently and to maintain their dignity and self-respect.
- Assistive Technology for computers and disability.
Academic Software, Inc...ASI - Educational Research, Development and Consulting firm specializing in the field of assistive technology, software, & links to a wide range of assistive technology
Independent Living - Products for the blind or visually impaired Low vision aids and products for the blind and vision impaired from Independent Living Aids.
Medical Supplies at - Your guide to buying medical supplies and equipment.
Silvert's Specialty Clothing for Seniors... for people with disabilities and special needs such as Alzheimer's & arthritis. Clothing with discreet velcro closures or snaps
The Boulevard A Resource Directory of products & services for the disabled, elderly, caregiver & professional....
Wessex Lift Specialists specialists in manufacture and installation of domestic and public access lifts including floor lifts, stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, step lifts and vertical lifts.


Back pain has to be one of the most debilitating and soul-destroying burdens which many people have to live with as a constant. I have endeavoured with my own invention to produce a product which greatly alleviates this problem for many people. However, there are also related or alternative approaches to back pain and pain in general which could be of help to visitors and so these sites have been included here.
Basic Spine Spine Surgery Center Located in Orange County California.
Back Pain Directory This resource directory has been created to assist you in finding the best information about back pain, sciatica, herniated discs and other related back pain issues.
Back Pain Relief from The Back Shop... Engineering solution to back pain, bad posture and ergonomic problems....
Spine Centers of America Delivering Relief for Spine Conditions
Back Support Brace - Range of bracing support systems including back brace, back support brace,back seat cushion, knee brace, knee support brace, ankle support, elbow brace for any type of accidental injuries .
Cure for Back Pain  Honest & Understandable Info on Back Pain and Back Pain Treatments, written by a back pain sufferer.
Lower Back Pain Answers Offers revolutionary insight about the causes of lower back pain, plus an abundance of information about innovative non-surgical treatments.
Lower-back-pain-toolkit. Written by a physiotherapist, this website provides a toolkit of reliable information to help you learn about lower back pain and get ideas on how to manage it."
Nuback- NEW back pain relief that really works!.. - unique home stretch device to relieve and treat lower back pain conditions through spinal traction.
Spine-health Back pain and neck pain patient information, by Spine-health. This site includes hundreds of articles about back pain, neck pain, spinal deformity and related conditions, diagnostics, and non-surgical and surgical treatment options.
'The Bad Back Book' - free e-book by Steve Lockhart, your back pain therapist in Sydney, Australia.


Office chair advice
Office Ergonomics Know the basic tips about Office Ergonomics, Workstation Ergonomics, Ergonomic PC, Laptop Ergonomics, Ergonomic chair.

DIET NUTRITION  top of page

DC NutritionFor your health and wellbeing...factual info on nutritional supplements. offers you expert guidance and support while providing you with free diet tips, podcasts, videos and much more.
Dr. Atkins Diet Products - Atkins recipes and food.
Diet 4U Online We offer weight loss, weight gain, High Protein, Atkins, Zone, vegetarian, low fat, GI, USDA and Mediterranean diets plus so much more!
DietPower Diet and Nutrition SoftwarePersonal Eating Coach for your PC
Herbs Barleygreen, Herbal Fiberblend, ArginMax,
Low carb diets An online resource for low carb products and weight loss plans.
Low Carb Diet Success We profile the world's best weight loss diet plan.
Nutrasanus NutraSanus natural health care products,I/a> herbal, vitamin and nutritional supplements for a longer healthier life.
Phentermine Online Compare Cheap Phentermine Pharmacies
Slimming Diet Tips Find the fast Slimming Diets, Slimming tips, products and methods


Various other ergonomic products have also been found useful in relieving the pain from rsi (repetitive strain injury) - particularly in arms and wrists

R&D Ergonomics Inc...Do you spend long hours at a computer? Arm supports can slash fatigue and improve your comfort!
RSI & Carpal Tunnel Prevention and Treatment: A Self Help Aid, Carpal Tunnel Product for Treatment and Prevention...
Repetitive stress injury - repetitive strain -A sophisticated break and exercise software package proven in the prevention and rehabilitation of repetitive stress injuries. ...
Datahand Ergonomic Keyboards Will Prevent R.S.I.  Reduce Pain & Typing Fatigue, Improve Comfort, Close Workers Compensation Claims, Adjust to Each User, Lightest Key Touch on the Market. Ergonomics and Chairs is an ergonomics site that seeks to help you find solutions to finding a chair that's right for you whether you work on a computer, at a desk, or any other sitting situation. Let the Chair Guy help you!


Ergonomics in Australia..
Ergonomic-Info Guidelines for a healthier and safer workplace
Interface Analysis Associates - User Interface Design, Usability Evaluation..
Training in correct manual handling and correct working posture.
Workplace Ergonomics - Internet Resources & Consulting by Usernomics.

FELDENKRAIS  top of page

Associazione Italiana Insegnanti Metodo Feldenkrais..
Feldenkrais Holland
Feldenkrais Movement Institute
Feldenkrais-Somatic Options Homepage Information, books, and tapes related to the FELDENKRAIS Method & LOW-STRESS COMPUTING,
Somatics - Somatics,Rolfing, Feldenkrais, Körpertherapie,

FITNESS  top of page

Aerobic-itis - Fitness Gifts ..
Gym Company The UK's #1 Independent Gym Supplier
Benefits to Exercise for Seniors! Free and Easy Exercises for over 50's
50Plus Fitness Walking Two 50 plus'ers share how they conquered leg, knee surgeries, back and foot pain to feel great again with simple, easy fitness walking. Choose your best fitness walking program.
Diet-Exercise-Lifestyle The right combination can relieve the symptoms of stress.
Fitness Guide - Fitness Guide
Exercise-HQ. Everything Exercise, from Ab Exercises to Yoga Exercises.
Exercise Programs Welcome to the most comprehensive guide to exercise programs on the net.
LifeCare Service site for Australian Physiotherapy
Popular Fitness - Online Fitness, exercise and nutrition programs. Articles, guides and information on cardiovascular exercise, weight, strength flexibility training and weight management..
The Posture Page... Better ways to sit, stand and present yourself to the world - practical information about methods that help people improve their posture.
Quadfather.Com Natural, drug free body building.
The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration Dedicated to bringing the benefits of Rolfing to the world.

FURNITURE  top of page We have a range of mobility beds and mattresses at the best prices on the web.
Adjustable Height Desks - - of Perth Specialists in the manufacture of unique height adjustable desks and work stations.
Beds Please click now to view a huge range of Beds, upto 60 per cent off, brought to you by Bed Supermarket, the number one supplier of Beds in the UK.
Cheap Office Furniture UK Leading UK supplier of office chairs, home office furniture, office furniture, office screens, home office chairs and office desks
Computer Chair Store is the number one source for computer chairs, desks, office furniture, and ergonomic office chairs.
Conference Tables You'll find all shapes, sizes and styles of conference table and gathering tables at Free Shipping.
Front Entry Doors Tango doors provide superlative products that will withstand the test of time by adding beauty, durability and security to the homes they are installed in.
Good Chairs offers shiatsu massage chair products from panasonic, interactive health, inada, sanyo, and fujikura massage chair.
Office Chairs and Commercial Office Seating .High quality Office Chairs from top brand names such as Global, Office Star, and Boss.
Office Furniture Lincoln - Ergonomic Chairs
Office Chairs and Furniture Discounted Office chairs and furniture from top suppliers - all available with massive discounts and the reassurance of dealing with a reputable office furniture retailer with over 30 years of experience within the office furniture sector. Some items available from stock with a 48 hour delivery.
Planscape Business Interiors Specialists in Office Furniture, Interior Design, Office Chairs, Office Desks, Screens, Office Storage - Creating Total Office Furniture Solutions
Reception Desks  High quality office furniture solutions from BT Office. Huge range of office furniture includes reception desks, office desks and office chairs, reception desks and reception furniture, boardroom tables and furniture, leather chairs.
Teak Outdoor Furniture We provide premium quality teak, cedar and oak outdoor furniture that is best suitable for your garden and lawn at affordable pricing.
The Back Shop for back care products, ergonomic equipment, massage chairs, zero gravity chairs orthopedic chairs, and beds,
The Factory Outlet Outlet prices for massage chairs, range hoods, bidets and luxury home accessories.
The Glass Office Office furniture suppliers; offers executive chairs, boardroom furniture and ergonomic seating plus office design, planning and partitions throughout the UK.
Wall Mirrors Online retailer of decorative wall, floor and full-length mirrors for use in bedroom, bathroom, or entryway. Contemporary and antique. Ergonomics and Chairs is an ergonomics site that seeks to help you find solutions to finding a chair that's right for you whether you work on a computer, at a desk, or any other sitting situation. Let the Chair Guy help you!


ACGIH Home PageACGIH - an association of health and safety professionals
Safety SmartSafety communication resources material
Stress In Perspective. consultancy for stress management services including stress audits, surveys, management training, counselling, news, legal aspects, stress facts and figures.


Master of Public Health A Master of Public Health is a professional graduate degree that qualifies students for leadership roles in the public health field.
Treat Addiction Right Drug and alcohol dependency treatments.
Hacienda La Mision Advanced Ibogaine Therapy - drug and alcohol treatments.
Affordable Health Insurance helpful info, tips, and links to affordable health, dental, Medicare supplemental, disability, and foreign travel insurances.
AllMyHealth A comprehensive Directory on a wide range of Health issues
Ask Your Family Doc - provides answers to medical questions..
Searching for Back Pain Treatment? If you are experiencing lower back pain, finding effective back pain treatment tips are worth their weight in gold. Cerebral Palsy Directory Your one-stop destination for anything you can think about cerebral palsy. This Cerebral Palsy Directory is designed to help its users find the cerebral palsy information, articles, source, companies, products and services.
Bizmatics Medical Software Bizmatics provides fully integrated and customizable medical software solutions consisting PrognoCIS EMR, PrognoCIS Billing, PrognoCIS patient portal and PrognoCIS eTools. We’re the Vision Council of America, and we’re out to make our country’s eyes healthier by encouraging regular eye exams.
Elitehealth Executive_corporate_programs
Fibromyalgia Provides easy to follow information to overcome fibromyalgia symptoms and offers natural alternative fibromyalgia treatment options.
Find a doctor. Search for doctors in our nationwide directory. Physicians, Specialists, Dentists, Chiropractors, Optometrists and more. Find a doctor in any specialty. Search nationwide listings to find up-to-date information on doctors in your neighborhood. Patients can research, review and rank a doctor before their first visit. Find Physicians, Specialists, Dentists, Chiropractors, Optometrists etc. Guide to Diseases, Disorders and Chronic Illness.
Heathfinder®Your free guide to reliable health information.
Health Insurance Quotes - Offers health insurance plans at affordable rates.
Joint Pain Solutions Provides useable information and treatment recommendations for various joint pain conditions such as knee osteoarthritis, shoulder joint pain, and hip bursitis.
Laparoscopic obesity surgery services Offer from world class surgeon Dr. Jacques Himpens. Complete information (procedures) about obesity surgery, laparoscopic, morbid obesity and gastric surgery.
Private Krankenversicherung Health Insurance Quotes in Germany
Wellness India Well Informed. A new generation Health Care site.  a comprehensive resource for information on preventive care, health topics, physicians, and healthcare providers.
ZHealth Publishing Interventional ZHealth Publishing specializes exclusively in medical coding publications, conferences, and coding services in the areas of Interventional Radiology & Cardiology.

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Further info on health and related to pain
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