How The Kneelsit Chair Lets You Sit In Comfort For Hours

The Kneelsit chair relieves back pain and muscle strain and tension throughout your body. This occurs because the Kneelsit chair combines two critical features that eliminate pain and give you the comfort you deserve. Let’s look at these two features more closely...

Brings Your Spine Into Correct Alignment

The chair is designed to provide equal distribution of weight between the top and bottom portion of your body. Scientists call this equipoise. Or, in plain English, a state of perfect balance. Once you adjust the seat, shin cushion and counterbalance spring the “balance effect” is reached immediately.
With no conscious effort, your spine naturally resumes correct alignment. Now your back is in the proper position. All the tension is removed so you can sit comfortably with no more back pain. The second factor...

Allows For Free-Flowing Movement

Unlike “static” chairs, the Kneelsit is equipped with a patented, swivel-axel mechanism that encourages movement . Both the seat and shin cushion are designed to allow a gentle, rocking motion that creates a natural feeling of balance.
Careful observation shows your body constantly makes many small involuntary shifts and adjustments when you sit. With conventional fixed seating all movement must be initiated from a position of static inertia. This causes a gradual build up of strain and muscle tension throughout the body and especially in the lower back. The Kneelsit chair, however, with its freely-moving axles in seat and kneeler, greatly facilitates your many small, involuntary movements. These movements can now occur with ease and comfort. Thus, virtually eliminating strain and tension and back pain.

These balanced axle mechanisms also enable you to make gentle voluntary movements smoothly and easily. You can lean forward at the desk and still maintain correct alignment of your spine. How? By naturally pivoting your trunk from the hips instead of allowing your back to become rounded. Many users say that they no longer have a need for lower back pain exercises to gain relief. Plus, there are...

Three More Additional Benefits

First, your whole proprioceptive sense is revitalized. Because the muscles, joints and tendons responsible for holding your spine upright and correctly aligned begin to have their nerve receptors re-activated. The stimulation of the balance mechanism of your inner ear leads to:
• Enhanced sensitivity of the inner ear.
• A gradual improvement in your overall sense of balance.
• An increased level of alertness.
• Improved motor skills - particularly in children. (4)

Second, the rocking chair movement exercises your back, thighs and stomach muscles. Dr. R .C. Swan, writing in the British Medical Journal, states that a general cellular and visceral stimulation results from rocking. In both babies and adults rocking increases cardiac output and is helpful to the circulation, it promotes respiration, discourages lung congestion and stimulates muscle tone.(2)

Third, the forward sloping seat and the rocking chair features of the Kneelsit are a real boon to expectant mothers. This is particularly so during the latter stages of pregnancy. Because the more open thigh/trunk angle the chair allows reduces pressure on the womb. At the same time the gentle rocking greatly eases pain spasms.
Because the Kneelsit chair allows for proper spinal alignment and free-flowing movement you experience many health benefits that no other chair provides.

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