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Hi Chris,
I took a chance and bought my kneelsit chair in February, after trying as many high-end ‘normal’ chairs as I could find. I work in front of a computer, and was having problems with my upper back and shoulders, as well as feeling like my lower back was not being supported well enough in the office chairs provided by my employer. I was just feeling like my shoulders were hunched and my bad posture was a direct result of my sitting position.

Primary in my decision to go ahead and try one out was the truly risk-free nature of the trial…I must have emailed Greg at Kneelsit 5 times, confirming that if I didn’t like it, all I’d be out was shipping back to their California facility. He was very responsive in his emails, not to mention being very patient in answering the nervous questions of a hesitant purchaser. I also thought that the back support that is unique to the kneelsit chair, when compared to the other kneeling options, would be of primary importance, especially for extended periods of sitting. Honestly, I can’t imagine having a kneeling chair without the back support…it would just be too tiring!

I definitely like the chair, and it has helped out with most of the problems…my shoulders hang naturally now, and my core is involved in supporting me, so I feel like my spine is much more aligned. Also, I feel much more ‘poised for action’, like I am literally on the edge of my seat. It did take some time to get used to it, as well as some fiddling with the adjustments, but nothing too bad.

I hope I’ve answered your questions…I highly recommend this chair if you are finding yourself displeased with other ergonomic-type chairs. Design Within Reach in Houston (on West Gray) let me borrow a few of their chairs for a day (Aeron, a few others) to try at the office…I liked them, but I wasn’t all that impressed with them. With Greg’s customer service and willingness to stand behind his product, I’d say you can’t go wrong with at least trying it out! Several of my office mates are VERY jealous (but nobody has actually ponied up the cash like I did…unfortunately, I had to pay out of pocket!)
Let me know if there is anything else you’d like to know…good luck with your chair shopping!

Andrew. B

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