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Definitions of the term ergonomic

The word 'ergonomic' has been a relatively newcomer to the English language. It seems to have first come into use in the latter half of the 20th century. For those of you who remember your Latin from school days we can see quite clearly that in essence it is nothing more than a made up term having two parts 'ergo' meaning therefore and 'nomic' a name. So we have a new word "therefore - a name". hardly very original is it ? Anyway that is my take on the term and who is to say I am wrong! Any "nameists" (sorry - ergonomists) who happen to have stumbled across this page will immediately be up in arms and opt to have me hung, drawn and quartered or at the very least banished to the nether regions of academia.

Having just looked up the Oxford I have to admit that the Greeks were actually the ones who gave us that word "work" or ergon- and if you squash it down and mix it up with economic you can finish up with this term "ergonomic" meaning the efficiency