BENEFITS of the Kneelsit Ergonomic Computer Chair

Relief from back pain and the ability to have superior comfort when sitting for extended periods of time are usually the primary motivators for buying ergonomic chairs. But the Kneelsit ergonomic kneeling chair is so unique and offers so many additional benefits you'll wonder what you ever did without one. Hailed by the press and our customers around the world, the Kneelsit is truly superior to other ergonomic chairs on the market today because it offers:

Pain Relief.

  • Excellent lumbar support to reduce stress on your lower back.
  • Combats many lower back, spine and disc problems because your body is properly aligned and "balanced" while using the Kneelsit ergonomic computer chair.
  • Supports correct posture naturally.

"My love affair with my Kneelsit continues. I am certain that the chair has been a major contributor to the relief I have felt from my lower back pain - - " [Read more testimonials]

Superb Comfort

  • Customized fit to your body - the seat, backrest and shinrest are height and depth adjustable to give a perfect fit between this kneeling chair and your body.
  • Patented swivel-axle mechanism moves automatically with your natural body motion so you never feel stiff with sitting.

" - -It has given me back my time at the computer. Now I can sit for hours and not hurt- - " [Read more testimonials]

Improved Alertness & Concentration

  • Aids in balance, motor skills and alertness - use of the Kneelsit ergonomic computer chair aids in triggering your middle ear to keep you balanced, awake and concentrating.

"I just completed a major project where I logged something insane like 300 hours in 3 weeks, including a 22-hour stint on the 4th of July. No frequent breaks, no time for rest/stretch, etc. I would have been absolutely miserable without the kneel-sit."

Ease Of Use

  • Easy to assemble - it only takes minutes to assemble and start using your new kneeling chair.
  • Easy to use - mounting and exiting your chair is quick and simple because you don't have to lift your whole body weight from the seat.
  • Casters for rolling - move from computer to printer to desk with ease.
  • Quiet motion - no squeaking or creaking.
  • You virtually "custom fit" the kneelsit chair to suit you - Once set up, there's no buttons to push or levers to pull, the chair moves with you naturally - almost as if "anticipating" your intended moves.

" - - - - with your chair I can sit for hours extremely comfortable. Getting in and out of chairs was another big problem for me as I am only 5' tall, but the way your chair is designed I have no problem. Other chairs I had worked at had the bar across between the knee rest and seat that you had to step over, but I can just walk into the Kneelsit"

Improved Posture

There are many ancient and modern trechniques for improving your posture - from Yoga to Alexander Technique etc. To the best of our knowledge, however, this is a genuine "first" - namely that by regular use of this specially designed chair you can achieve similar results.

"- - using the Kneelsit for the past 10 years - - I find, now when sitting in conventional chairs that my natural tendency is to correct my posture automatically, and I put this down to the effect of sitting for long periods in the kneel-sit."

A Healthy Back

In addition to helping you avoid unnecessary strain in muscles and tendons, continuous gentle movement also brings constant, regular nourishment to the cells of your discs so helping keep your spine healthy

"I'm very impressed with the Kneelsit, since it directly addresses the core problem of sitting for 10 hours a day - I can feel my spine gently loosening up as I'm sitting in it and the feeling is wonderful."

" - - most noticeable effect is that at the end of the day my body actually feels good (sitting in front of the computer).- - - my body has never felt so balanced!"


Work smarter

Not only does correct weight distribution and balanced movement give you greater comfort, improved posture and a healthy spine, this continuous movement - besides keeping you alert - also stimulates the learning centres of your brain.
You'll really appreciate being able to work for long, extended periods in absolutely, superb comfort. But don't just read about the benefits, - Order Now and discover them for yourself.

Durability & Quality

  • Built to last - rust resistant steel frame with a smooth powder coating gives durability and strength so you'll enjoy your kneeling chair for years to come.
  • Tested (and approved!) for safety and function by an impressive array of institutions, commissions and therapists.
  • Adjustable to accommodate a wide range of body weights.
  • Capable of holding a person of up to 185kg (407 pounds)
  • Available in black leather or grey fabric.
  • All Kneelsit ergonomic chairs are individually inspected prior to shipping.

The construction and upholstery exceeded my expectations. One has to wary of all the claims that are made for products on the internet - the real Kneelsit is better than the description! [Read more testimonials]


  • Your kneeling chair comes with a 15 year warranty and a
  • 60 day money back guarantee

FREE Shipping

  • National & international shipping is available. Your Kneelsit ergonomic computer chair can be delivered in just days with no charge for shipping.

There's no other chair in the world like the Kneelsit kneeling chair for keeping your weight evenly distributed, improving your posture, providing superior comfort and - most importantly - relieving your back pain.

Furthermore you have the assurance of a 60 day money back guarantee and 15 year warranty