The Kneelsit's patented swivel axles in the seat and kneeler plus the adjustable spring and backrest fittings, allow you to customise the chair for a perfect fit, regardless of your height or weight.
By spending the time adjusting the Kneelsit's various settings until they're just right, you will achieve real comfort. Go here here to see how to assemble your chair.

Please be aware that kneeling ergonomic chairs do sometimes take a little time for the body to become fully adjusted to this different method of sitting. The Kneelsit chair in particular is unique among ergonomic chair designs in that it incorporates both balance and movement.

SUGGESTED SETTINGS - Spring, Seat Axle and Backrest


Ergonomic Chairs Designs backrest

Short & Lightweight

Note: Backrest moved in closer to the seat to give a more comfortable fit for the smaller person. See the under-seat adjustment (below)

Ergonomic Chairs Designs

Average height & weight

Ergonomic Chairs Designs

Above average

Ergonomic Chairs Designs

Tall - Heavy

For maximum comfort adjust the spring:back for a firmer setting or forward for softer until it feels
"right  for  you"



Ergonomic Chairs Designs

Swing out the cover plates to expose the seat axle bearings (slots). Check the diagrams above to get some idea of WHERE you should first set the seat and spring to suit your body size.

Ergonomic Chairs Designs

For older models, locate the anti-tilt catch correctly under the support bar. ( see photo ). Always make sure that the left and the right hand axles are in matching slots. Close both cover platessecurely.

Ergonomic Chairs Designs

Loosen the knob under the seat and pull the backrest out almost to the maximum, then adjust inwards until it fits snugly. Retighten the knob.

Ergonomic Chairs Designs

Loosen the control knob and move the backrest up or down  to a position that feels "right for you" and fits comfortably into the curve of your back. Re-tighten the knob securely.

Ergonomic Chairs Designs

This is essential to achieve 'equipoise'. Be prepared to spend some time adjusting the spring  until you feel comfortably positioned. (*equipoise:- a state of perfect balance)

Note - if you feel  as if you are being "pushed into the kneeler" then it's likely that you have the spring set too far back - try moving it further in.

kneeling ergonomic Chairs Designs
4. Adjusting KNEELER height

Very tall people will probably find the topmost position to be most comfortable, while those of average height will likely opt for the middle position. Let your feet find their own natural position.