The Kneelsit ergonomic computer chair

We are sorry to advise that the Kneelsit Chair is no longer being produced and there are no plans to produce any more in the future

The Passing of the Inventor & Designer Gregory Usher
The Sale of the Kneelsit Business

It is with sadness that we advise the inventor & designer of the Kneelsit died on 29 October 2013.
This has led to the decision by his family to sell the Kneelsit business.
The sale of the business will include
- the rights to manufacture & sell the Kneelsit
- the ownership & control of this website
For more details of this offer please contact Danny Usher.

Kneelsit is a groundbreaking ergonomic computer chair that has been enthusiastically received by users and commended by medical and scientific professionals from major institutions. People who previously used other types of ergonomic chairs are switching to the Kneelsit to relieve pain and sit comfortably for hours on end. Here's why...

Kneelsit - The Only Computer Chair With Swivel-Axle Design

The Kneelsit computer chair offers a combination of forward sloping seat and continuous movement, however, it's the exclusive, patented, swivel-axle mechanism which makes it superior to other chairs as it can be customised to your specific body type.

Kneelsit swivel chairYou can easily adjust the seat, backrest and kneeler until you've found the exact position to aid your body in relieving pain, increasing alertness and enhancing motor skills.

Many customers have told us that they gained relief from the symptoms of scoliosis, sciatica, worn lumbar discs and back pain when using the Kneelsit ergonomic chair. If you're one of those lucky people who don't get a sore back from sitting you'll still be pleasantly surprised by the Kneelsit because it is such a comfortable computer chair.

Though you may not be consciously aware of this, all the time you are using the Kneelsit your discs are being nourished so your spine stays healthy. You will gradually become aware, however, that you are comfortably balanced and have much better posture. You can check out all the extra benefits here.

Superior Construction, Style and Quality

In addition to the exceptional comfort and pain-relieving properties, the Kneelsit ergonomic chair is durable and stylish. When you take it out of the carton the first thing you will notice is that it's obviously built to last. This is where the real value lies - it's the sort of chair that you can hand on to your grandchildren. Kneelsit's all-steel frame has been designed for durability and strength. As Adrian Chesterman from Spain remarked:

"The last 5 back chairs I’ve bought have fallen apart within the year. Now I see what a serious piece of industrial machinery is your product, I just know it’ll see me out... and I’m planning on at least another 40 years min stay on planet Earth."